Your opportunities

No matter what job you have had up to now, you will find new career prospects in jewellery consultancy.

You are selling a fantastic product that customers fall in love with at first sight. Magnetic energy is a strong additional argument for anyone who values wellness. When your customers learn that ENERGETIX Bingen magnetic jewellery is completely affordable too, you will soon see that you have a career of endless opportunities ahead of you.

Our remuneration plan offers very good earnings possibilities right from the start of your work as an independent distributor. You decide for yourself how intensely you pursue your new career. You can build up an interesting second source of income with lucrative additional earnings or you can opt for full-time work. With discipline and commitment you can reach the size of a successful medium-sized company.

Regardless of what you decide – you will have a lot of fun in your new job, with enthusiastic customers and fellow distributors who look forward to being in touch with you again. The ENERGETIX Bingen team will support you in every respect. We have prepared professional marketing materials and sales aids for you to use in your work as a jewellery consultant.

Promotional and marketing materials